Racism Poems | Poems about Racism and Discrimination


    Racism Poem by Oodgeroo Noonuccal

    Stalking the corridors of life,
    Black, frustrated minds
    Scream for release
    From Christian racist moulds.
    Moulds that enslave
    Black independence.

    Take care! White racists!
    Black can be racists too.
    A violent struggle could erupt
    And racists meet their death.

    Colour, the gift of nature
    To mankind,
    Is now the contentions bone,
    And black-white hatred sustains itself
    on the rotting, putrid flesh
    That once was man.



    Hope Poem by Dr. Yogesh Sharma

    Man lives with hope,
    And dies with hope,
    Hope is a thing,
    For all the wings.

    Pain and pleasure,
    Dotting phases of leisure,
    Some are born to smile and enjoy,
    Others with miseries and die like toys.

    Hope is a deceiver and racist,
    In thy world apartheid exists,
    It is false and hollow,
    Few smiles but many dies like flies,

    World is a big crematorium,
    Here mind and heart cease to work.
    Where every body struggles for hope,
    But majority perishes unblessed.

    Parched lips and hollow belly,
    Leave no space to lay in peace.
    Death embraces them before date,
    Uncared, unloved and unwanted.

    O! Almighty God, bring out the funeral,
    Of racism, quota, and reservation.
    Bless all with merit,
    And fulfill the dying Hope.



    Living Together Poem by Raymond C. Russell

    Why does mankind hate people based on religion and race?
    Is it ignorance, education, or governments deciding our place.

    For people are people regardless of the color of their face.
    And the love in our hearts is an example of God’s grace.

    European people are the most powerful people under the sun.
    Asians, Blacks, and Jews are constantly under the economic gun.

    But people should not be exploited because of the color of skin.
    White people must reject racism for a world of love to begin.

    But are not Blacks, Jews, and Asians also guilty of racism?
    For some of their religious leaders are advocates of separatism.

    Now all people, whites, Asians, Jews,and Blacks, live on earth.
    For racism will show God how much our souls are really worth.

    All people will die and their bodies will stink becoming dirt.
    And the devil will have the souls of all racist to forever hurt.

    For Love is the most powerful force throughout the world.
    Conquering all obstacles and causing racist minds to whirl.

    We can’t take money religion family or hate when we die.
    But we can take love, and send it back to those who will cry.

    For only love will cure any grieving and lonely heart.
    And cause a no-good son or daughter to give life another start.

    People are just human beings regardless of their ethnic pride.
    So people should try to constantly look spiritually inside.

    So forget about religion racism and discriminating government.
    Because only Brotherhood will eliminate all bills and the rent.



    Drops Of Shame Poem by Reshma Ramesh

    In this tradition of hypocrisy,
    Rich sea of shams,
    Virtue hides behind sanctimony,
    Watch dogs are drooling at the prize,
    The sins dine on a golden platter,
    Simplicity lies shattered,
    Truth bound in iron chains,
    Chained to the legs of blind rats
    Love lives in schools
    Patience in monastery
    Compassion in the books
    Innocence is lost at birth
    Sex is sold for ego
    Lust is sold for cents
    Honesty lies six feet below the ground
    Farmers weep, worms they reap
    There is no beauty beyond makeup
    It is December before June
    Racism hides below the skin
    Friendship wears a pacemaker
    Children are born out of mistakes
    Freedom grins in an invisible cage
    Greed rules the day
    The saints don’t have a say
    Bitter is the sweat on failure’s skin
    Death dwells in denial
    Beyond this and that
    In this empty world
    There is nothing more
    And nothing less
    Of course Other than shame,
    Drops of shame drops of shame.



    Golf Pro Poem by Michael Philips

    There are two types of people:
    Those who play golf,
    And those who recognize it
    for the idiotic malpractice that it is,
    that recognize it for the land wasting,
    water guzzling, pesticide and herbicide
    carcinogen drenched
    leeching into the groundwater,
    sanitized version of nature,
    Bob Hope celebrity goofball,
    mundane polo shirt and jackass slacks,
    elitist, history of bigotry, racism, sexism,
    and anti-Semitism, over-priced, over-rated,
    time-wasting, posing-as-a-sport
    moronic indulgence that it is.
    I’m the first type.



    Taught Racism Poem by willow moon pearce

    Children are born blind to hate and bigotry
    With their big smiles and loving ways
    They are taught ugliness
    By unthinking adults and overheard conversation
    This makes them use words and terms that for generations
    Have caused hate and bitterness
    To our fellow man.

    Yes, they are taught, not born
    To this social cancer.
    I once asked a black friend how he would like
    To be addressed?
    Black, afro-american or just coloured.
    No he said – just call me friend.



    Perfect World Poem by Amy

    In my perfect world
    The sky is a perfect blue
    The grass is a soft green
    And together are me and you

    In my perfect world
    The sun is a perfect heat
    No global warming
    It would be a treat

    In my perfect world
    There would be no disease
    The flowers would bloom everyday
    And no one would cut down trees

    In my perfect world
    No one would be poor
    The streets paved with gold
    Silver for the floor

    In my perfect world
    Death would never come
    Pain would go away
    And no one would be dumb

    In my perfect world
    The government would not rule
    We’d chose for ourselves
    What we thought was cool

    In my perfect world
    Racism would not exist
    Discrimination would be over
    And nothing would end with fists

    But then I remember
    I can’t believe it’s true
    But my world really is perfect
    Because I spend it with you



    Kids Poem by merna ibrahim

    Oh! You are a little black boy,
    and playing with your small toy.
    Oh! You are black from outside,
    but your heart and soul are white.

    Your innocence is covering you,
    from your head till your smallest toe.

    You are behaving spontaneously.
    You are naive, curious, innocent and asking continuously.
    You are vivid at day, and tired at night.
    You are a beautiful flower swaying with delight.

    You and the whole children are a bless had been granted from the Lord.
    And I consider you all as a noble reward.

    (the children are great, they are from the biggest blesses that God granted to us…..I dedicate this poem to the whole kids on this planet ‘the white and the black’ they are both equal.’NO FOR RACISM’……)



    Racism Today Poem by Steven Taylor

    The racist cloaks his loathing thoughts
    behind deceiving eyes
    Those men who once wore hoods and robes
    Today wear shirts and ties

    Their methods changed but yet and still,
    Their mission is the same
    Today they lynch with politics,
    the racist’s favorite game

    Divide and conquer is their plan
    to keep minorities
    From seeing that the forest lies
    just shortly past the trees

    Racism lurks within the press,
    courthouses, banks and schools
    Black folks convinced that all is well
    have certainly been fooled

    A racist underground exists,
    a chilling fact indeed
    They seek to kill, steal and destroy,
    We can’t let them succeed



    Why Do You Judge Me? Poem by Arely Corral

    Why do you tend to judge me
    cause I’m of different race.
    Why do you tend to hate me
    cause I’m from a different place.

    Why is it that you think I’m stupid
    because of where I’m from.
    In my own opinion,
    You have classified yourself as dumb.

    You act as if I’m a criminial
    evil and a crook.
    And all this because
    your job from you I took..

    All this hatred that you show
    is nothing more than envy.
    Why can’t you just see
    that you are not better nor worse than me.

    I was born in this country,
    I grew up just around the corner.
    The difference between you and I,
    is that my father crossed that border.

    He has struggled in the past
    to make our lives all better.
    I admire him for that
    why do u have to be a hater.

    And even though I respect you,
    You show me nothing more than racism.
    When will this all stop
    When will you stop your criticism?

    We are no longer that minority..
    Nor will we be for ever more.
    We will one day rise above low standards
    that’s what we’re fighting for.

    So I suggest you learn to love my kind
    and just be all that you can be.
    Cause all your racism and your criticism
    can no longer bother me….