Lonely Poems | Poems about Loneliness and Solitude


    Little things that no one needs —
    Little things to joke about —
    Little landscapes, done in beads.
    Little morals, woven out,
    Little wreaths of gilded grass,
    Little brigs of whittled oak
    Bottled painfully in glass;
    These are made by lonely folk.

    Lonely folk have lines of days
    Long and faltering and thin;
    Therefore — little wax bouquets,
    Prayers cut upon a pin,
    Little maps of pinkish lands,
    Little charts of curly seas,
    Little plats of linen strands,
    Little verses, such as these.

    The Last Embrace Poem by Meggie Gultiano

    You walked as fast as you could
    Bringing with you some food to partake
    Life is difficult, you have to make do
    With the provisions the nuns have provided
    For you and your husband to keep afloat each day

    Keeping him company
    Dependent, relying upon him
    Feeling alone, lonely and neglected
    Never the love and affection you expected
    For many years your hidden heart embedded

    He comfortably provided you
    With a home you call your own
    Tried working night and day
    His illness had to wait, he must save
    For rainy days, the future has to stay

    In the dimly lit room he slept in peace
    Never waking to see the dawn
    Holding his hands, so frail and cold
    You were alone — again, lonely and neglected

    ‘You breathe as deeply as you can
    You have the last embrace …’

    06. Haiku – Alone Poem by john tiong chunghoo

    his childhood
    warms him up

    he warms up to
    his childhood

    his heaven

    his childhood
    a repository of warmth

    my heart on
    a sea of sublimity

    so lonely
    a poem helps fill out
    the emptiness

    the world
    a graveyard

    so lonely
    i cheer up myself
    writing a poem about loneliness

    so lonely
    i write a poem to fill out
    the emptiness

    A Beautiful Journey Poem by lady grace

    perhaps tonight is the end of dreams
    end the lies of your perception
    perhaps tomorrow starts a new story
    passionately cared…regardless of theory…

    end absolutely the sweet moments
    from the love that captures our hearts
    pulled from the wreckage of salvation
    bring us back the times of life…

    who will rescue the lonely heart
    and cure the painful part?
    who will come to take the risk
    to comfort the fading hope? …

    space and time is always another show
    precious moments live once more
    no one comes… nothing is changed
    lonely heart sleeps as is…

    soft breeze touches my skin
    kills every moment of sensation
    bury the love upon my dreams
    to a place of no return…

    A Lonely Star Poem by Wassila Nader

    A lonely star in the sky,
    Is looking for a friend,
    It wants to die,
    Cause no one intend.

    But if it found a friend,
    Will he care,
    Or no occur.

    Poor lonely star,
    Let the moon be your friend,
    And don’t care about the end.
    Cause the moon is also lonely friend…

    A Cloud Of Rain Poem by Jasbir Chatterjee

    A dark cloud of rain
    drifted into my life
    And for some time,
    I felt good, happy…
    I no longer felt lonely.

    I thought life would go on happily
    In one long, long stretch of time…
    But when the cold, harsh
    winds of change started blowing,
    The cloud of rain
    had to drift away…

    Life is still going on
    In one long, long stretch of time…
    I am not lonely.
    I can’t say I am sad or unhappy.
    But you have left a void
    That would take me
    a long, long time to fill.

    The Poet Poem by Hermann Hesse

    Only on me, the lonely one,
    The unending stars of the night shine,
    The stone fountain whispers its magic song,
    To me alone, to me the lonely one
    The colorful shadows of the wandering clouds
    Move like dreams over the open countryside.
    Neither house nor farmland,
    Neither forest nor hunting privilege is given to me,
    What is mine belongs to no one,
    The plunging brook behind the veil of the woods,
    The frightening sea,
    The bird whir of children at play,
    The weeping and singing, lonely in the evening, of a man secretly in love.
    The temples of the gods are mine also, and mine
    the aristocratic groves of the past.
    And no less, the luminous
    Vault of heaven in the future is my home:
    Often in full flight of longing my soul storms upward,
    To gaze on the future of blessed men,
    Love, overcoming the law, love from people to people.
    I find them all again, nobly transformed:
    Farmer, king, tradesman, busy sailors,
    Shepherd and gardener, all of them
    Gratefully celebrate the festival of the future world.
    Only the poet is missing,
    The lonely one who looks on,
    The bearer of human longing, the pale image
    Of whom the future, the fulfillment of the world
    Has no further need. Many garlands
    Wilt on his grave,
    But no one remembers him.

    The Lonely Soul Poem by anto thermadam

    The lonely soul wanders
    Alone in the walks of life
    No other soul as his companion
    The lonely soul wanders

    Alone in the daybreak
    He does his duties
    In the walks of life
    The lonely soul wanders

    Alone in the life
    He meets many other souls
    Who comes to be
    Unfit for the lonely soul
    The lonely soul wanders

    As the days pass by
    The lonely soul became
    More lonely, with no other
    souls as his companion
    The lonely soul wanders

    Alone in the walks of life
    The lonely soul decides
    Not to die, but to face
    Life in all its hardships
    The lonely soul wanders

    My Greatest Need Is You Poem by Rabia Al Basri

    Your hope in my heart is the rarest treasure
    Your Name on my tongue is the sweetest word
    My choicest hours
    Are the hours I spend with You —
    O Allah, I can’t live in this world
    Without remembering You–
    How can I endure the next world
    Without seeing Your face?
    I am a stranger in Your country
    And lonely among Your worshippers:
    This is the substance of my complaint.

    Darkness Poem by Theo Williams

    He sat there in the streaming light,
    Silent, settled like the darkened night.
    Rays channelled through the greys of ancient gloom,
    Purifying his soul, natural hues of the moon.

    But the lonely air of the night, began to squall,
    His lonely life doth take its toll.
    Flickers of darkness enthral his thoughts,
    By which his mind will be mentally caught.

    Darkness will soon swallow him from inside,
    In conjunction with loneliness, they will abandon his pride.
    The bright white of the moon, will be the last thing he sees,
    As he pleads to the lord, to set him free.

    Lonely do these thoughts he make,
    That draws his blood like a bleeding lake;
    Replace with a stream of flowing pain,
    To bless his freedom, gushing from his veins.

    The lonely night, his only friend,
    Falls with him to his inevitable end.
    The darkness has swallowed him whole,
    As the death of this man, had become its role.